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Wilfred Mugeyi names his all-time dream team

Wilfred Mugeyi is one of the most lethal strikers this country has ever seen, but given the fact that he never played for the ‘big’ clubs, his dream XI of former teammates doesn’t exactly read like a ‘who’s who’ of South African football.

‘Silver Fox’ became a Bush Bucks legend during two spells at the club, and also represented Ajax Cape Town with distinction towards the end of his career.

Speaking to, the 51-year-old named the following XI as the best of the best he played with...


Emmanuel Nyahuma - ‘Very reliable, a shot-stopper, made things easier for himself by commanding his area and the back-four ... a good distributor of the ball’


Eddie Dinha - ‘Could also play as an anchor in front of the defence, he liked to help in defence and attack. A good reader of the game and very strong in tackles’


Francis Shonhai - ‘A true leader, he could stand up for the group if there was any problem. One of the best left-footers I played with, I scored most of my goals from his crosses’


Kaitano Tembo - ‘A hardman who played it simple, he'd kick you to pieces. The way he trained was the way he played. I was lucky that in training I was always on his side’


Norman Mapeza - ‘Could play at right-back, centre-back and in front of the defence, and very good at long-range passing. Looked skinny, but very strong on the ball’


Shane Poggenpoel - ‘He made the team play; was good at starting play, very comfortable on the ball and a ball-winner. He liked to join the attack and could score goals’


Thabo Mngomeni - ‘Jahman’ never liked running. If you wanted Thabo to run, just make him run with the ball. Liked to play a short passing game’


Brendan Augustine - ‘One of the players I had a good partnership with in my career. He was only 5ft, but was the best in the air, and made good runs into the box to create space for me’


Vitalis Takawira - ‘The dribbling wizard known as 'Digital' because when he started dribbling, it was like you were watching PlayStation. He was a nightmare for defenders’


Wilfred Mugeyi - ‘Very aggressive, and I possessed speed, strength and power ... a goal-poacher. I played every position except in goals’


Peter Ndlovu - ‘Captain, my Captain. If there is one captain who could fight for his player, it was Peter. What a leader and a gentleman!’


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