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Tough times for ‘Shoes’ Lushozi

Bernard Lushozi challenges Hellenic's Grant Young
Bernard Lushozi challenges Hellenic's Grant Young (credit: BackpagePix)

Former Orlando Pirates star Bernard Lushozi says he is struggling after undergoing an eye operation back in July.

The one-time defender, a 1995 African Champions Cup winner with the Buccaneers, is currently employed as a school principal, but has been unable to perform his duties for the past four months.

“I had a diabetes problem and I lost vision partially; I can't see that clearly,” Lushozi told “So I've just undergone an operation on one eye, and it’s taking long man … I can't read anymore. [I can only see] partially; it’s blurred because of the operation.

“They say to me it takes about six months; I did it in July. They are promising because I lost the vision of the left one totally, but the other one they say it will recover.

“I can also see a little, but I’ve been absent from work since June. Schools have re-opened [but] I didn't go back. But then I'm optimistic that around January or February, when they remove the oil they put in the eye, things will be better.”


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