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Seventy-five percent of ex-professional footballers from Europe & South Africa, within five years of retirement, will be bankrupt, divorced, drug- or alcohol-dependent, or a mixture of these predicaments.


It’s a worrying statistic, and an integral reason as to why we have formed the non-profit organisation, the South African Football Legends.



To help professional players with the smooth transition from the first half of their careers to their second … the ‘afterlife’!


To provide a platform for ex-professionals where they can choose from a number of options - from educational and investment opportunities, to psychological help and charitable give-backs - so that they can make full use of their many years of accumulated experience, all the while maintaining their dignity and self-worth within their communities.




Founders and directors of the South African Football Legends include ex-professional footballers and national team members Brian Baloyi, Stanton Fredericks and Matthew Booth.


We are a non-profit organisation with three directors who believe strongly in transparency and surrounding ourselves with independent thought.


The organisation is made up of and welcomes membership from current professional footballers to past players from the entire South African football fraternity.

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